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Wall Panels

exclusive wall panels

Wall panels and decoration panels with exclusive designs and three-dimensional styles are in vogue. They are getting more and more important in the area of display and exhibition as they are much more exciting than only printed faces.

With good reason: WallFace® wall panels and decoration plates create a vivacious and profound atmosphere. This aspect of value and quality is achieved by the product’s relief structure with some millimetres of height difference.

WHY WallFace®?









Our WallFace® Collections

Here we proudly present our current collections. Our designers carefully interpreted the latest design tendencies in a new way and with an eye for the small but important details. With three-dimensional decors, furry looks and leather designs with decorative seams you can choose among a great variety of decoration panels. As they are applied as easy as self-adhesive wallpaper you have the possibility to turn into reality even the most extraordinary ideas in just a few minutes. Feel the fascination of our wall panels’ exclusive look and touch. Give an individual and particular aspect to rooms, exhibition areas and show rooms.

Leather Collection

With the WallFace® Leather Collection you get high quality finished self-adhesive decoration panels in precious leather looks and many styles. These imitations are made of resitant leatherette, they feel like real leather and look accurate in every detail.

Structure Collection

The Structure Collection comes along with high quality decors with printed, embossed, metallised or specially varnished surfaces in a great variety and different patterns. These plates are very suitable for exhibition stand, shop construction and interior design.

Acrylic Collection

Self-adhesive wall panels in contemporary high-polish or rippled plastic look – this is the WallFace® Acrylic Collection. A special and particular aspect for every room with relief or plain glossy, specially varnished, abrasion resistant surfaces.

M-Style Collection

The M-Style Collection contains self-adhesive polystyrene plates with metallised, reflective and specially lacquered plastic surfaces in mosaic or strip-type form. These panels are extremely flexible and therefore indiviually appicable.

Punch 3D Collection

The Punch 3D Collection offers wall panels with punched, embossed and specially lacquered surfaces. The exclusive metal look decor plates convince by their realistic touch and high quality finishing.

Deco Collection

The Deco Collection provides wall panels with plastic surfaces that are metallised, reflective, specially varnished, abrasion and scratch resistant. These decorative plates are sturdy, shockproof and low weight.

S-Glass Collection

The WallFace S-Glass Collection provides you with high quality and first class finished decorative panels. The specially hardened plastic surface of plain and smooth brilliant acrylic glass is not only abrasion resistant but also emphasizes the various designs with a glossy glass effect and unbelievable depth.


All our wall plates have a selfadhesive back side. Therefore they are versatile and quick to apply. WallFace® wall panels stick immediately, don’t need time to dry off and are easy to handle.

The surface to cover shall be clean, dry and free of dust and dirt. Strongly absorbing surfaces such as brickwork shall be pretreated with a primer. With a carpet knife cut the desired shape and size from the plate. Bit by bit remove the cover sheeting from the adhesive back side and press the panel onto the wall with the help of a rubber roller. Avoid bubbles.

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